Bras are personal clothing that protects the chest, and the timely replacement of bras is closely related to our breast health.

How to judge what time to replace bra?

The bottom is too tight If the bottom of the bra is too tight, it is easy to cause severe back marks, so try to change some bras with a widened bottom, which can effectively increase the support and stability, and can effectively disperse and balance the fat around the chest.

The cup often moves up If you find yourself always running up, this may be the problem with your choice of underwear. It may be that you did not try on the underwear when you bought it, which caused a mistake in the size of the underwear. Or the selected cup is too shallow, causing the underwear to float on your chest like a plate.

There are indentations on the chest If you are wearing traditional underwire underwear and you find that there are obvious underwire marks on your chest after the underwear is unwrapped, it means that your underwear size is not appropriate. Long-term compression by the underwire will cause changes in your chest and your chest shape. influences. At this time, you should re-measure your bust, choose the underwear size that suits you, or try a steel-free bra to get rid of this trouble.

The shoulder straps often fall Since each of us has a different shoulder shape, different shoulder shapes should choose different underwear styles. For example, people with slippery shoulders should pay special attention to the shoulder strap design of underwear. Try not to choose underwear with shoulder straps that are too outside. Choose the kind of non-slip shoulder strap or wide shoulder strap bra so that the shoulder straps will not slip easily.

Empty cup or chest pressure in underwear The outer space of the underwear cup indicates that the selected underwear cup is too large. If the symptoms of chest compression appear, it means that the selected cup is too small. In both cases, the underwear is no longer suitable for you.

How often is it better to change underwear? Normally, women should choose new underwear for themselves every 3-6 months. This is because the body shape of women may change in 3-6 months. You should buy new suitable underwear according to your body shape changes. . Even if the underwear is well protected at ordinary times, the average life span of underwear should not exceed 6 months. Regular replacement of underwear is also a necessary condition to protect women